Get these cute gift for yourselves and friends. Pass around. Thanks.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Weisi Learning House is a premier tuition centre for parents who are keen to help their child in enhancing their quality of education. A good education and tuition is what sets your child to become a better person in this competitive world.

If you are keen on how we can help your child, please call us immediately for more details. Our location is in Puchong and many children comes from all over KL and Selangor area. Our quality teachers and methodology sets us apart from the rest. We have good references.

They have flourished well and we will continue to help your child to maximise their brain power. This is the best gift you can give as a parent. Hurry, seats are limited. Please call for appointments.

For those who aspire to be a tutor, please call for application. Kindly ensure that you got an 'A' for the subject which you want to teach. Apply to ladies tutor only. Thanks.